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Why Do You Need Patio Covers?

A backyard patio can be a great gathering place for friends and family; they don’t have to be overly fancy to provide that space. However, even though a plan slab of concrete may allow you to put out some patio furniture, your backyard patio is better off with a cover over it. Why do you need a patio cover for your backyard landscaping in Katy, TX? Keep reading to find out.

Increase Usability

Sure, a backyard patio is usable without a cover, but you lose out on many usable hours during the summer heat. Here in Texas, a good portion of the year is unbearably hot, and if your patio is sitting in direct sunlight, it isn’t the most welcoming place to gather friends and family. Adding a patio cover provides shade to your outdoor space so that you can get people together more comfortably, more often, and during even the warmest parts of those summer days. Adding a patio cover allows you to get even more use out of that backyard space.

Prevent Sun Damage

If you have patio furniture (and if you want to use that patio, you probably do), then it’s important to provide it with some protection from the elements. You might be thinking, “But it’s outdoor furniture. It’s designed to be exposed to the element.” While that might be true, your outdoor furniture will wear out much more quickly if it’s allowed to sit in direct sunlight for most of the day. Sunlight can bleach out those cushions and pillows and even turn vinyl furniture and other materials brittle, allowing them to break more easily. Adding a patio cover provides your furniture with shade to minimize the amount of sun damage sustained and prolong its usable life.

Protect It from the Rain

Depending on the type of cover you get for your patio, you can also protect that portion of your backyard from the rain. This once again allows you to get more use from your patio space, so you can sit outside and sip a warm cup of coffee as you listen to those fantastic Texas thunderstorms roll on through. Additionally, the right patio cover will protect your furniture from the rain, too, so that it’s less likely to be damaged from this type of weather while also protecting it from the sun, as we stated above.

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Increase Your Resale Value

Home upgrades can significantly impact your home’s resale value, particularly if the upgrade is in high demand. Beautiful backyard spaces are incredibly popular, so upgrading your patio to include a cover is a great way to increase your home’s resale value and appeal to more buyers. A patio cover also allows you to add other upgrades to the space, like lighting and outdoor ceiling fans, which can further increase your home’s appeal. If you can only make one upgrade to your outdoor space, a patio cover is a smart investment that will pay off when you resell your home.

If you’re ready to upgrade your patio or make other improvements to your landscaping, contact All Things Outdoors. We can transform your backyard into a comfortable outdoor living space that feels like a part of your home. We provide professional, customized designs for patio covers, as well as comprehensive landscaping design services. Contact us now to schedule a consultation for custom backyard designs in Katy, TX.

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