Where We Service: Katy, Texas

At the heart of Texas lies Katy, a true outdoor paradise. We at All Things Outdoors take immense pride in offering our services to this vibrant community. Katy’s delightful mix of old-world charm and contemporary landscape styles makes it the perfect backdrop for our work. Whether you’re dreaming of a backyard makeover or a touch of verdant charm, our team is committed to enhancing the natural beauty of Katy, TX. Let us turn your outdoor aspirations into reality in this dynamic Texan town.

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Landscaping in Katy, Texas

Katy residents, hear this out! We know there’s something special about our little corner of Texas. Your yard isn’t just a piece of land––it’s a masterpiece for your home’s outdoor experience. Here at All Things Outdoors, we get that. We’re all about turning your outdoor space into a personal paradise that’s a perfect fit for Katy’s style and vibe.

Landscaping Design Process

Our approach to landscaping design in Katy is a customized journey, respecting the local landscape. It starts with your vision, incorporating the uniqueness of your space. We harmonize creative flair with the local environment, ensuring each design is both eye-catching and suitable for Katy’s climate. 

Our experts guide you from the first sketch to the final masterpiece, cherishing your input throughout. Watch as your Katy property transforms into a captivating oasis, showcasing thoughtful, innovative design.

Custom Screen Rooms in Katy

In Katy, Texas, where the climate is as varied as the landscape, custom screen rooms offer a unique solution for enjoying the outdoors comfortably. At All Things Outdoors, we specialize in designing and constructing screen rooms that are not just a utility but aesthetically pleasing to our clients.

Screen 2
  • Tailored Design to Match Your Home
  • High-Quality Materials for Durability
  • Versatile Functionality
  • Enhanced Comfort and Bug Protection
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Custom Features
  • Professional Installation and Local Expertise

Outdoor Living Spaces

In Katy, Texas, where the community cherishes outdoor gatherings and the natural landscape beckons for relaxation, outdoor living spaces are essential. At All Things Outdoors, we understand the importance of these spaces and specialize in creating environments that are not just extensions of your home, but reflections of your lifestyle.

  • Customized to Your Lifestyle
  • Diverse Range of Options
  • Quality Materials and Craftsmanship
  • Innovative Design and Functional Aesthetics
  • Energy-Efficient Solutions
  • Personalized Landscaping
  • Professional Installation with Local Expertise

In Katy, outdoor living spaces are more than just areas outside your home––they are sanctuaries for relaxation, entertainment, and making memories. At All Things Outdoors, we are dedicated to transforming your vision into a reality, creating spaces that you and your family will cherish for years to come.

Pergolas and Patio Covers

In the heart of Texas, Katy represents a blend of southern charm and modern living. With its sunny skies and warm climate, outdoor spaces in Katy are not just an extension of the home––they’re a crucial part of the lifestyle. Pergolas and patio covers are key elements in these spaces, offering both functionality and aesthetic appeal. Here are some pergola and patio cover ideas that are perfectly tailored to the unique atmosphere and climate of Katy, Texas: