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Stunning Patio Cover Ideas for Outdoor Seating

A patio can be a great gathering place for family and guests, especially during this time of year. However, that back patio can quickly become a sauna if it doesn’t have a cover. Adding a cover to your patio increases its usability, allowing you to enjoy your backyard space during the hottest times of the day without baking in the sun. If your patio doesn’t currently have a cover, and you’re looking for some ideas for cover designs, check out these ideas to help you design your own custom patio cover in Katy, TX.

Adjustable Pergola

A pergola is a beautiful, stylish way to cover your patio, but it doesn’t provide a lot of shade on its own. Typically, people will grow some kind of climbing plant over their pergola to increase the amount of shade they get, but this requires a lot of maintenance. Instead, look into an adjustable pergola for your patio cover. These designs allow for the slats that form the roof of the pergola to be turned so that they can let the sunshine down on the patio or block it out entirely.

This gives you more control over the temperature on your deck than other kinds of patio covers. On cooler days, you can let the sunlight in to warm up the space a little. On hot days, pivot the slats to block it out and enjoy the cooler temperatures in the shade.

Built-In Lighting

Built-in lighting is another patio design feature that can allow you to get more use out of your patio space. Of course, you probably have a light next to your back door, but this doesn’t provide the same kind of illumination that strings of bulbs built into your patio cover can give. While strings of lights can certainly be added later, this often means having a long cord hanging from your patio cover and going down to an outlet low on the wall, which isn’t very aesthetically pleasing.

By having lighting built into your patio cover, you can control it with a switch instead of having to worry about plugging and unplugging it. You won’t have those pesky cords hanging around and detracting from the overall look of your space. The final product is a neat, tidy, and beautifully illuminated back patio.

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Side Covers

It’s probably obvious to you that a patio cover should have some cover across the top, but what about the sides? For example, if the sun is low in the sky and shining onto your deck at an angle, there’s not much the roof of your patio cover can do. However, if you have side covers, you can close the one on the sunny side and give your space a little extra shade. Adding retractable shades, curtains, or other kinds of covers on the sides of your patio cover can allow you to further control the climate of your deck. You can also use them to reduce cross breezes and even block out light rain, allowing you to enjoy your back deck in almost any weather.

There are many different patio cover designs and ideas out there, but these ideas and features can help you to get more use out of your patio throughout the year. To create a customized patio cover that fits your needs and your home’s overall design, contact All Things Outdoors today for patio cover installation in Katy, TX.

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