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Stay Outside All Summer Long with these Backyard Design Ideas

Do you love hanging out in your backyard during the summer? Do you enjoy soaking up the sun, gathering with friends, or gazing out at the stars while listening to the crickets and cicadas? If any of this sounds incredibly appealing to you, then it’s important that you have the right setup for enjoying your backyard throughout the summer. Keep reading to get a few ideas for backyard landscaping in Katy, TX that will transform your personal space into something that you can enjoy all summer long.

Add a Fire Pit

Nothing says “summer nights” quite like gathering around a fire with friends and family. Adding a fire pit to your backyard gives you a natural place to get together on a summer evening to chat, look at the stars, and perhaps roast a few marshmallows. Create a safe space around your fire pit by laying bricks, pavers, or gravel. It’s also a good idea to create built-in seating, so you and your guests don’t have to drag over patio chairs or folding camp chairs to sit together.

Cover Your Patio

As much as you might enjoy the summer sun, the odds are that it will still get too hot for you at some point—this is Texas, after all! It’s not uncommon for us to hit triple digits, making it a bit hard to enjoy your patio in the middle of a summer afternoon. The best solution is to ensure that you have a nice, shady cover over your patio space. There are many ways to do this, from permanent structures to temporary shades.

Pergolas are among our favorite options, as they offer extra shading to your patio while still allowing you to have a few of the sky and ensuring that you get a healthy cross breeze to keep you cool. If necessary, add shade over the pergola slats, which will offer a bit more protection from the sun.

Add a Water Feature

Adding a water feature to your backyard creates a beautiful, relaxing sound for you to enjoy as you sit out on your porch daily. More than that, the simple presence of a water feature can help to cool off your yard. If you’ve ever been near a lake or river, you know that the breeze coming across the water is much cooler than a breeze coming across dry land. The larger the water feature you add to your yard, the cooler those breezes are going to be.

While any water feature will do, natural-looking waterfalls and streams can really help immerse you in nature. The gurgling sound of water moving over rocks and the soft, cool breeze across that water can make your backyard the best place to be on your property.

Backyard Landscaping Katy TX

Consider Cozy Patio Furniture

Patio tables and sling-back chairs might do when gathering for an outdoor meal. But if you really want to lounge and enjoy your backyard, you’ll need something a bit cozier. Adding cushioned outdoor sofas and sectionals makes your backyard space feel more inviting and more like an actual part of your home instead of an afterthought.

We encourage people to design their patios as they would design a room in their homes, considering where, when, and how people will naturally gather and how you’d like to use the space. A sectional and small table might work for you, or perhaps you’d prefer a couple of hammocks for lazy summer afternoons. Whatever you do, make it comfy, so you can enjoy it plenty of time.

If you’re looking for custom backyard designs in Katy, TX, that you can enjoy all summer long, contact All Things Outdoors today.

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