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Patio Pergola Designs that Will Keep You Cool this Summer

Summer is here, so it’s time for backyard parties, barbecues, and enjoying the outdoors. But it’s also no secret that Texas is hot! The state has already broken several of its heat records this year, and there will no doubt be more as we move into July and August. With the summer sun so brutal this year, an uncovered back patio can feel like standing inside of an oven. If you’re looking to cover that patio and stay a little cooler while keeping an open, airy concept to your backyard, keep reading to get some ideas for a stunning pergola design in Katy, TX.

The Traditional Pergola

A traditional pergola features columns with wooden slats across the top, which provides a perfect location for growing climbing plants. This look offers partial shade while allowing cooling breezes to move easily through the space. If you do choose to grow climbing plants over the pergola, this can add some extra shade and make you feel like you’re sitting under a shady tree growing specifically for your enjoyment.

Pergolas can be attached to a home or built as freestanding structures. So, whether you’re looking to cover an attached patio or create a new gathering space in a separate section of your backyard, a pergola can be an excellent way to do it. The simple design and timeless architecture, as well as the versatility of this type of patio cover, make it easy to match it to your home’s façade and the overall design of your landscape.

Extra Coverage

As we said, the Texas sun can be brutal. If you don’t feel like slats alone provide enough shade and protection from the sun, then you can customize it with some extra shading on top. There are a few ways to do this. The first and most straightforward way would be to add a cover over the slats. Many people opt for a plastic or tarp-like cover to help maintain the look of a traditional pergola while providing more shade. These can be attached to the top of the slats when it’s being built, or you can choose to add them later so that they can be removed as desired throughout the year.

Another more modern option is to install adjustable slats that can be controlled with a remote. This allows you to tilt and move the slats to have open spaces between them, like a traditional pergola, or close them off entirely when you want more protection from the sun or rain. Some people also opt to install a roof structure over the slats. Maintaining the exposed beams inside the structure still gives it that feeling of a pergola, but the roof makes it feel more solid and permanent while providing that extra coverage.

Changing the Shape

An arched pergola has an elegance that can set your patio apart from the other backyards in your neighborhood. While a traditional pergola is made of straight beams, we can customize them by changing the shape to suit your tastes. This can be a great way to coordinate your pergola with a home structure with more curves than straight edges.

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Side Coverage

When the sun is low in the sky, such as during an evening barbecue, overhead shades won’t do much. You can get extra protection from that evening sun by adding curtains to the sides of your pergola. These can be drawn back when you’re not using them or closed as needed to provide extra shade, protection from cross breezes, or a little privacy.

At All Things Outdoors, we are experts in designing custom pergolas and providing fast, professional pergola installation in Katy, TX. Contact us today to begin designing your pergola so you can have it done before summer is over!

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