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Patio Cover Ideas: Stylish Ways to Shelter Your Backyard Seating Space

A backyard patio can be a great place to gather with friends and family. But that space becomes much less useful when it’s sweltering under the direct heat of the summer sun. A shady patio cover can not only lower the temperature on your patio but also provide some style to help transform it into an outdoor living space. Keep reading to get some ideas for covered outdoor living spaces in Katy, TX, that are both shady and stylish.

A Modern Pergola

Pergolas are a classic patio cover option, providing an open, airy look while offering some shade to the seating below. You can put a modern twist on this classic cover by upgrading to a sleeker design and adding some new features. One great option is adjustable slats. By their nature, pergolas still let the sunshine in; if that’s not something you want, you can adjust the slats with the press of a remote, rotating them to more fully close off the overhead space and get complete shade on your patio. This is a great way to give your patio a style upgrade while also improving its year-round functionality.

Hang Plants and Lights

This is a little style trick that works great with pergolas or just about any kind of permanent patio cover. Hanging potted plants and strings of lights along the underside of your patio can give the space a softer, more welcoming vibe, especially in the evening hours. If you already have a patio cover but you’re looking for a simple way to upgrade its style, this is a great way to do it.

Try a Parasol

If you’re looking for a temporary shade over a very specific part of your patio, a parasol can be a great way to do it. While patio umbrellas are hardly new, a parasol is a separate standing structure that doesn’t require your patio table to have a hole in the center of it. The stand has a heavy base and extended arm that allows an umbrella-like shade to float above the table, providing your seating with the necessary shade without getting in the way of conversations or serving dishes.

Add Outdoor Curtains

Is an overhead patio cover not enough shelter for your outdoor seating space? Perhaps you want to block out more sunlight in the evenings when the sun is low in the sky. Maybe you want to prevent a cross breeze. Or perhaps you just want a little more privacy as you use your back patio. Whatever the reason, some outdoor curtains on the sides of your patio cover can offer this to you. Make sure you use a material designed for outdoor use and have them securely mounted by a professional. Once they’re installed, you can tie back the curtains when you want a view of the backyard or drop them closed when you need a little extra shelter—from the sun, the wind, or nosy neighbors.

Covered Outdoor Living Spaces Katy TX

Opt for a Retractable Awning

If you’re indecisive and not sure that you want your patio covered all of the time, a retractable awning can offer the versatility you need. While these are often sold in predetermined sizes, it’s best to get a custom one that exactly fits your patio and is designed to blend with your home’s façade. With this type of patio cover, you can let the sunshine on the patio on cooler days but enjoy the shade on a hot day, all with the press of a button.

If you need an outdoor patio cover in Katy, TX, whether it’s a pergola, retractable awning, or another type of cover, contact All Things Outdoors today for custom designs and professional installation.

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