Bespoke Fireplaces and Firepits for Your Home

Transform your backyard into a delightful, cozy place all year round with our bespoke fireplaces and firepits. Designed to bring warmth and a welcoming glow, they’re perfect for those cooler Texas evenings. Undoubtedly, our custom fireplaces and firepits are key to enhancing your outdoor living experience. Radiating a welcoming warmth, our fireplaces become the heart of your backyard, ideal for gathering around and creating memorable moments under the Texas sky.

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  • Provides a formal and traditional aesthetic to outdoor spaces
  • Enclosed design enhances safety by containing fire and embers
  • Features a chimney that effectively manages smoke
  • Suitable for both heating and cooking, offering versatility
  • Acts as a striking focal point in gardens or patios


  • Allows for communal gathering with 360-degree access
  • Comes in a variety of styles, both permanent and portable
  • Generally easier to install than fireplaces
  • Ideal for social activities and outdoor entertainment
  • Offers an unobstructed view of the fire, enhancing ambiance

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