Discover Landscaping Excellence in Katy, Texas

Attention Katy homeowners! Embrace the unique charm of our Texan haven. Your yard represents more than just land; it’s the canvas for your home’s outdoor ambience. At All Things Outdoors, we understand this deeply. Our mission is to transform your outdoor area into an oasis, tailor-made to resonate with Katy’s distinct style and atmosphere.

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Plants That Love Katy as Much as You Do:

We choose plants that are right at home in Katy’s climate. Think hardy, drought-tolerant grasses and flowers that bring color and life to your yard. Plus, they’re great for the local birds and butterflies, too!

Your Dream Yard, Made Real:

Whether you’re dreaming of a peaceful spot for your morning coffee or a vibrant garden buzzing with life, we’re here to make it happen. We mix creativity with a good dose of Katy’s local charm to create a space that’s uniquely yours.

A Feast for the Senses:

Imagine walking out to a yard that’s a feast for the senses. The soft rustle of leaves, the sweet smell of flowers, and a kaleidoscope of colors – we bring it all together to create a little piece of nature’s magic right in your backyard.

Landscaping Meets Outdoor Living:

In Katy, we love our outdoor living, right? So, we blend your landscaping with your outdoor hangouts. Picture this: a lush green backdrop for your BBQs, or a cozy fire pit circled by fragrant blooms. It’s all about making the most of those Texas nights under the stars.

Eco-Friendly, Because We Care:

We’re all about keeping Katy green – in every sense of the word. From water-saving irrigation to earth-friendly materials, we make sure your garden is not just beautiful but also kind to the planet.

We’ve Got Your Back, Garden-Wise:

And we don’t just set you up and say goodbye. We offer ongoing care to keep your garden looking great all year round. After all, a great yard is a living thing that needs a little love to stay vibrant.

So, ready to transform your yard into your own little slice of Katy paradise? Let’s chat and start painting that green canvas together. With All Things Outdoors, your dream outdoor space is just around the corner.

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