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Landscape Renovation Ideas for Spring

Spring is the perfect time to give your yard a makeover, making it beautiful, vibrant, and healthy for the warmer weather. If your yard is feeling a little lackluster, it might need more than just some water and fertilizer. Just like with the interior of your home, there are times when it’s time for a landscaping renovation. Keep reading to get some tips on renovating your yard from our landscape designers in Katy, TX.

Decide What to Get Rid Of

Before you can focus on “in with the new,” you have to start on “out with the old.” There’s no single correct answer to this question; rather, it will be based on whatever isn’t working in your yard at the moment. So, walk your yard and decide what you should get rid of. Here are some things to look for that might indicate it’s time to get rid of a particular plant in your yard:

  • It’s encroaching on structures. Sometimes, a plant can grow bigger than you anticipated. Tree roots might be threatening your foundation, or vines might be working their way into your garden shed and breaking it apart. If the plant is causing problems, it needs to go.
  • It’s just not healthy. While some struggling plants can be salvaged, others are better to put out of their misery. If a plant in your yard has struggled for several years now, pull it out.
  • It’s not what you want. Of course, your personal preferences here matter as well. If there’s a plant you just don’t like the look of or that requires more maintenance than you’re willing to put in, pull it out in favor of something else.

Once you’ve cleared out the things that need to go, it’s time to start redesigning your yard!

Decide What Your Yard Needs

Every plan brings something special to your backyard, so it’s important to consider what your yard needs; this will help you find the right plant to achieve the look you’re going for. Does your yard need more color? Look for flowers or flowering shrubs. Do you need plants with a bit of height to conceal that unattractive corner of fencing? Look for various types of hedges that grow at least a few feet high. Do you want to be a bit more self-sufficient and grow your own produce? Set aside a corner of your yard for a private garden.

Once you’ve determined what your yard needs, you can start looking for plants to fulfill those needs. This is a much more efficient method for designing your yard than just grabbing any plant that looks pretty at the nursery and finding a space for it in your landscaping.

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Decide Where Hardscaping Should Go

In any landscape design, the non-plant elements—also known as hardscaping—are just as important as the plants themselves. You want to combine plants and hardscaping elements to create a balanced, beautiful yard. So, before you start planting, take some time to think about where hardscaping elements should go in your landscape design. Hardscaping can include the following:

  • Walkways
  • Patios
  • Fire pits
  • Rockfill and decorative boulders
  • Planter curbing
  • And more

You can use hardscaping to accentuate the natural landscaping elements of your yard or make a hardscaping feature the focal point and design the plants around it. The choice is yours.

Start Planting

Once your design is complete, you can start planting and placing your landscape design elements throughout your yard. It takes some time to plan out a total backyard renovation, so if you’re hoping to do one this spring, contact All Things Outdoors for professional outdoor designs and landscaping in Katy, TX.

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