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Creative Front Yard Garden Landscape Designs for the Season

Effectively landscaping your front yard can create beautiful curb appeal and make the front of your home appear welcoming and inviting. Of course, that can be hard to achieve during Texas summers, when the heat seems to wither everything, and we’re frequently placed on watering restrictions. How can you landscape a beautiful front yard while standing up to the heat of the summer season? Keep reading to get a few helpful ideas.

Window Boxes

If you want to add flowers to your front yard but are worried about surviving the summer, consider planting them in window boxes instead. The soil in a window box or pot holds onto excess water for much longer than the soil in the ground, so you won’t need as much water to keep flowers alive when they’re planted in a window box. Additionally, putting them right up against your house can offer them a bit more shade by placing them under the eaves of your roof, protecting them from direct sunlight for part of the day.

Miniature Water Feature

A water feature might sound counterintuitive if you’re trying to create a summer-resistant landscape. However, water features aren’t as big of a water waster as some people might believe. Fountains, artificial creeks, and other such water features cycle the same water through them repeatedly. So, while you will need to top off the water every now and then due to evaporation, it’s not as if you’re just allowing water to run off into the street. Adding a small water feature to your front yard can make your yard feel like a cooler, more relaxing place to be, even on the hottest of summer days.

Plant Near Water Features

Speaking of water features, it’s a good idea to place your plants near those water features. For example, if you have an artificial river near your entryway, line it with drought-resistant plants. These plants will sustain themselves almost exclusively on the little bit of splashing that occurs around your water feature each day. This turns that fountain into a decorative element and an automatic drip system at the same time.

Stone Succulent Planter

Succulents are incredibly drought-resistant, low-maintenance plants. However, due to their small size, their role in outdoor landscaping is limited, and they tend to be most popular as potted indoor plants. However, you can give those succulents an outdoor life by putting them in a tiered stone planter. The stone material gives a rustic, natural look to the planter, while the layering of different heights helps the small succulents to fill your outdoor space. You’ll love how low-maintenance this kind of display is and how little water it requires. Just remember to bring those planters indoors in the winter.

Front Yard Landscaping Katy TX

Circle Your Trees

The problem with summer landscaping is that the direct rays of the Texas sun can quickly wilt a lot of plants. If this is something you’re concerned about, consider creating a circular planter around each of your trees. Plant shade-loving flowers like begonias and pansies, as well as other kinds of plants in these areas. They’ll stay in the shade of your tree almost all day long and avoid wilting in the summer sun.

Your front yard is the first thing people see when they approach your home. Don’t you want that first impression to be a good one? At All Things Outdoors, we can help you with outdoor designs and landscaping in Katy, TX, to create a beautiful front yard that’s designed to withstand the heat of a Texas summer. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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