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Bringing the Outdoors Inside: How to Expand Your Living Space

How can the outside be brought inside? How can you include more natural elements into your indoor decor? It’s not as challenging as you imagine, especially for the climate in Katy, Texas.

Being outside has a calming effect, as anyone who loves the outdoors will attest. But there are times when it simply isn’t possible to be outside all the time, such as inclement weather or when you have a to-do list inside the house.

When that happens, having the ability to bring the outside within is fantastic. Here’s how to start if you want to connect with nature without even stepping foot outside of your home.

Plants Are a Great Way to Start Bringing the Outside In

Some people purchase artificial plants for their homes’ landscaping while leaving their actual plants outside. But that is undoubtedly outdated decorating. Plants in the home are now a popular trend.

It is now time to introduce some actual indoor plants. After all, in addition to being aesthetically pleasing, plants may enhance your health, reduce stress, and purify the air in your home.

If you’re unfamiliar with keeping houseplants, you can start by purchasing a few potted plants to scatter around your home or even create a little indoor garden filled with lovely plants. But if you’re looking for some inventive approaches to bringing the outside in with actual plants, think about building a living wall and letting vegetation take over a portion of your home’s wall.

You may also create a tiny herb garden of your own that not only looks lovely but also has a wonderful scent. Additionally, having an indoor herb garden comes in handy when cooking! Whatever you choose, just be sure you understand how to care for the plants before letting them spread throughout your home.

Bring in the Light

Making sure your home receives plenty of natural light is one of the easiest ways to bring the outdoors inside. Allow some natural light to enter your living space. You’ll have the same sensation as if you were basking in the sun in a tranquil park or garden.

Consider adding numerous, sizable windows to your home if you’ve been planning to remodel a little bit. Even a few skylights in the ceiling are an option. Simply leave all the blinds and curtains open if you don’t currently have the time or resources to modify. Make every effort to utilize as much natural light as you can.

In addition, you can always use the outside living space provided by a screen porch or custom-built screen rooms. It’s the perfect place for a warm mug of coffee on a chilly fall morning or a cool glass of lemonade on a steamy summer afternoon. Your screen room may double as an entertaining area in the evenings and a peaceful, private place to start your days. You’ll find there’s quite a lot of inspiration to draw on for custom screen rooms for decks in Katy, Texas.

You might even consider a three-season room with operable windows over a real screen room depending on your environment and way of life. Either version may be a lovely method to increase your living area. You can design the perfect screen porch that connects indoors and out with careful planning and a few design ideas.

The design and price of your screen room will be greatly influenced by the building materials you use. The flooring of choice for these indoor-outdoor areas can be wood. Although cedar is more expensive than some types, it will withstand the elements well. To add to that, even though recycled plastic decking is often more expensive than wood, it requires almost no upkeep.

custom built screen rooms katy tx

Include Natural Materials in Your Décor

Next, sprinkle small reminders of nature all over your home for yet another simple method to bring the outdoors inside. One of the most economical ways to experience nature indoors is through this. The majority of natural resources are free as long as you find them yourself.

You can start by putting pinecones, seashells, smooth rocks, dried leaves, and flowers in a wooden bowl or wicker basket. Utilizing resources you may find in your area is the simplest option, but if you want to diversify, ask a friend who lives somewhere else to send you some locally produced products. You can also purchase them from craft shops (consider pinecones or shells).

Purchase Natural Material Furniture

Another excellent method to bring the outside inside is through furniture. If you’re shopping for new furniture, go for pieces made of eco-friendly or often utilized outdoor materials. For instance, a traditional wooden table and chairs would be a wonderful place to start if you needed a new dining table. Consider a slate coffee table or end table if you need one, or a sizable tree stump that doubles as a tiny table to channel a home with a natural atmosphere.

Try to purchase rattan or teak furniture when you hunt for seating that complements your natural-looking home. These materials are frequently seen in couches and chairs intended for patios or gardens. Nowadays, you can thankfully find a sofa to suit any style, so finding one that fits in with nature shouldn’t be an issue.

Using Natural Flooring, You Can Bring The Outside Inside

Finally, the flooring in your home can contribute to a natural, outside vibe. Start by placing some rugs made of natural fibers on the flooring of your home, since these are constructed of plant fibers. Materials such as jute, sisal, and seagrass are a few of the most well-liked natural fiber rugs. These carpets provide any area a natural appearance and feel in addition to being sturdy and reasonably priced.

On the other hand, consider using hardwood if you’re planning to replace your current flooring with new ones made of a different material. Try to look for materials that are natural, biodegradable, and available in a range of earthy tones, like wood.

Another sort of natural flooring is bamboo. It may bring you inside the house closer to nature and is renewable. Since cork flooring is manufactured from the bark of cork oak trees, it too has a natural appearance. Natural stone is yet another effective technique to bring the outside in.

Enjoy Your Outdoors in the Indoors

Maximizing a connection to your surroundings is essential for a healthy home with plenty of wow-factor because we spend more time than ever in our homes. It may seem simple to add huge windows to emphasize a particular view, but this is only one of many creative methods to bring the great outdoors inside. By introducing plants into your home and even just adding earth-toned rugs to your flooring, you can make minor but reverberating differences.

Custom-built screen rooms are another great option for homes in Katy, TX. Make sure to include these design principles at the outset of a project, regardless of whether you’re planning a new addition to a dark terrace, remodeling a vintage cottage, or creating a new, bright modern home from the ground up.

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