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Benefits of Installing a Pergola

Having backyard gathering places is essential to helping your family get the most use of your yard space. Pulling folding chairs onto the grass doesn’t compare to gathering around a table or sitting on an outdoor sofa on a porch or deck. If you’re looking to install an outdoor gathering space like this, you should consider getting a pergola. What are the benefits of choosing an outdoor pergola in Katy, TX, over other types of structures? Keep reading to find out.

Place It Anywhere

Unlike many other backyard solutions, a pergola provides shade over your seating area without needing to be attached to your home. Pergolas can be free-standing structures, or they can be installed right along the back of your house to connect your outdoor gathering space with your indoor ones. A pergola’s versatility in location gives you more options than other shading solutions for your yard. If the area immediately outside your back door isn’t conducive to decking, you can install your decking elsewhere and place a pergola over it instead.

Grow Some Greenery

Many hardscaping options that create these types of gathering places require you to sacrifice some greenery to install them. And while it’s true, you’ll need to remove some grass and other landscaping to put in the decking underneath your pergola, the pergola itself is a great way to grow greenery. Pergolas are constructed with lattices or beams across the top, linking with columns that support the structure. This type of construction is perfect for increasing creeping vine plants like bougainvillea, devil’s ivy, creeping fig, and climbing hydrangea.

A pergola entwined with vines and blossoming with flowers is a beautiful focal point for any backyard. Keep in mind that these plants need to be appropriately maintained. If not trimmed regularly, they can quickly become overgrown and unruly, making your pergola look like it’s being swallowed by a jungle instead of beautifully embraced by nature.

Cooling Cross Breezes

A pergola can provide necessary shade—mainly when the top is grown over plants or when you add a more solid material over the lattices or beams—but it remains open to the air to provide comfortable cross breezes in the space. If your pergola is not connected to the home, you’ll be surrounded by nature on all sides, giving you an outdoor living space that truly feels like it’s a part of the outdoors. You’ll get the shade you need while maintaining that lovely alfresco feeling.

Outdoor Pergola Katy TX

Beautify Your Yard

There is something timeless and stylish about a pergola. Unlike other backyard design elements, a pergola never goes out of style. The simple structure of columns and beams allows it to blend well into your home and landscaping while providing a perfect canvas for customization. You can opt to use Roman-style columns for a classical feel, use all wood for a more rustic vibe, or opt for a more modern design to bring that pergola into the 21st century. While you might opt for different details to ensure that your pergola coordinates with your home’s façade, overall, any pergola you choose will always remain a beautiful and charming addition to your backyard.

Whatever your style—be it a classical, rustic, or modern pergola in Katy, TX—All Things Outdoors can help you to find the right design, location, and budget for your backyard upgrade. Contact us today for a consultation, and learn more about the benefits of installing your own pergola.

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